Here's what some of our clients are saying about us!


Ingrid (and team);


Thank you so much for your superb catering for our office summer dinner party last Friday. As you know we’ve been turning to you, Collette, Ingrid & your team, for many years, both for corporate events and privately (myself and various of my partners) and you have never failed to impress us with every aspect of what you do: delicious, fresh and innovative menu items; efficiency and responsiveness; a careful attention to our dietary concerns; and a warmth and welcoming vibe that fits perfectly with my goals as a host. Thank you so very much for this as for every event you’ve done for us! Please pass on our thanks to Wayne, James and the team. They were a pleasure to have in my  home. I thought my kitchen was sparkling clean when they started, but they left it in even better shape.  

Julia Lawn


Dear Ingrid and Team


Words really can't express Kennith's and my thankfulness to you all and the whole Granville Island Catering team. You guys are GORGEOUS and AMAZING! You guys did a great job no matter before, during even after the wedding so the guests and us can enjoy this special and lovely time together! We are so impressed and touched that you guys help us to reserve the amplifier and speakers stuffs before the wedding. This should be our own job but you guys did it extra for us just to make the wedding smooth and perfect !  During the wedding, Kennith and I really appreciate that you take care of the guests by bring a portable speaker to play music for them when the live band music is over so the guests can continue enjoying the party!


 After the wedding, you guys takes care of everything so well so Kennith and I don't need to worry about anything and we can go home and relax! During and after the wedding, my guests keep saying that "the catering team are so good that they always make sure everything is ready and always proactively ask if we need anything. They even help you guys moving the flowers from the ceremony place to the banquet table! I never saw any catering team did so many extra jobs !! The staffs are so nice !!!"  


Also, the guests loves the food! The most I heard them talking about is the scallop, muscle, steak, and the pasta! The mango salsa and watermelon tomato are delicious as well. We all love the food!!


Kennith and I really think that we chose a great team for our wedding. You guys always care about the guests and put them the first. You guys always think about how to do the best job and make everything smooth. You guys are problem solver and proactively ask for help!! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!


Please let us know the balance of the bill and we will come over to pay the rest when you are available.



Many thanks,

Rachel and Kennith 


We had a GREAT experience with Ingrid and Granville Island Catering this summer. After getting married in Hawaii, we decided to throw a reception party at our house with around 100 guests. After reaching out to 4 local catering companies, Collette immediately stood out as being the most helpful and professional with her responsiveness and knowledge. She was the only one who actually came by the house to strategize and set the menu ahead of time, and her experience really shone through with some great suggestions on how to execute the event.

When the day came, everything went off without a hitch! The most consistent feedback we got from our guests was "The food was delicious, and that staff was amazing!". Across the board people were impressed with how seamlessly the GIC staff integrated into the party, being helpful but not overbearing, and all with a great attitude. We even gave the bartenders a challenging "signature" cocktail to make for our guests and they happily accepted the challenge and pulled it off perfectly.

Hats off to chef James and his kitchen crew for absolutely delicious food and leaving our kitchen just how they found it. Would highly recommend and use again for our next event!!

Daniel Ingram and Rina Soeda


Your crew, James, Jennifer & Amina were fantastic, professional, cheerful & looked after everybody. 


The food was delicious and ample (just the way I like it) I have no complaints, only praise & look forward to Collette & Ingrid making me look great again. Cheers

Ruby G.


The Granville Island Catering team bring expert professionalism and total service - fabulous food, impeccable service, and a work ethic of perfectionists  - to every event. When the party is over, your home or corporate venue will look better than when they arrived. They take care of clients the way they would take care of their closest friends - incredible thoughtfulness that goes beyond the call every time. Your guests feel welcomed by their fantastically personable, attentive,  and warm service, and you are able to relax and enjoy your event with full confidence in every detail. They are so considerate of your hosting efforts that they will watch to see whether you've had a chance to eat dinner in the midst of schmoozing. If not, expect to find a plate of their delicious food waiting for you in the fridge!

R. Sharon


The Lasagna and salad were 'The Best' I've ever eaten - and from the comments, The Best my guests had ever eaten. THANK YOU. I would be delighted to serve that combination anytime - and the Carrot/Ginger soup too The dinner was absolutely delicious....loved the cheese in the casserole - browned and gorgeous......and...the chicken was tender and the sauce so rich and fabulous.....a big hit thank you.
OMG, Erica was wonderful!! Thank goodness she was there - otherwise I would not have had much time to enjoy the party. She was resourceful, hard-working, quiet and efficient, so pleasant and helpful.....she is a treasure --- and please can I have her help me again when I next have a party??
So, between Erica's hard work and yours preparing the delicious dinner - we had a great dinner party - and I do thank you so very, very much.....all my oldest pals - and they had a super time...and they thank you too. So, that was my big birthday - and it was perfect.

Liz M.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everyone raved about how delicious the food was. We felt so well looked after by you and your crew. Please make sure to thank them for us.

I'm standing by for our invoice whenever you have it prepared.

Please let me know if you ever require a reference in the future. Happy to provide one.

Jessa & Alex Newly Wed


Ingrid:  It went so well last Friday night,  and everyone has raved about the

food.   I had been quite specific about how things were to be done, and who shouldn't keep having their wine glass refilled etc etc  and my goodness they were attentive to my instructions.  And because of all went perfectly. Peter  was very complimentary about Jennifer's work ethic and I guess she was attentive to him which he certainly appreciated!!  And so much of what I used had to be washed by hand,   and your crew did it all for me.    So I'm very happy.    Thank you.



Hello Ingrid,
If I can’t sleep tonight it’s all your fault!!  I am so full of delicious hors-d’oeuvres, amazing beef, potatoes and vegetables followed by a sensational dessert; I feel I should get on my treadmill for the second time today…….something I am pretty sure I WON’T do!  I think I’ll just watch some good tennis from Melbourne before I go to bed!
Several guests were justifiably impressed with their dinner tonight.  I hope you get lots of new clients, particularly the Vancouver Symphony.  It’s a really good organization and they would be wise to have you on board.
I’m already planning my next dinner her and will let you know as soon as possible.
With love and thanks from Louie xoxo


THANK YOU…………………….for another wonderful meal.  The halibut could NOT have been cooked better than anyone in the entire universe; it was superb.  I know you bought it at Finest at Sea but don’t think it matters much where it is purchased; it is how it is prepared that makes it so successful and you get the GOLD MEDAL!
Thank you so much Ingrid and thank you to Kyle as well.  It was another fun evening with fun friends……we are a lucky bunch of people.
HAPPY EASTER TO YOU and see you again soon.
From Louie with xoxo